Welcome to JPNM Surveys - a leading provider of high quality photographic survey reports to the oil and gas industry.

JPNM Surveys utilise the latest technology and techniques to undertake comprehensive surveys of subsea structures prior to load-out.

These services are provided by our experienced survey team available for projects throughout the world.

Our photographic survey reports have proved to be an invaluable aid to engineers and divers enabling project teams to familiarise themselves with the structure prior to intervention works.

The full colour report contains high quality, referenced and titled images alongside GA/perspective drawings highlighting the areas photographed. In addition, JPNM Surveys also supply the individual image files and an electronic copy of the document in its native or pdf format.

We have produced a Service Overview document (pdf) which features images of the hard copy reports and screen captures from an actual survey cdrom

If you would like to receive a copy, or to arrange a demonstration, please email us on john(at)jpnmsurveys.com or call +44 (0)7967 000063.

JPNM Surveys, 7 Countesswells Road, Aberdeen, AB15 7XU
Email: john(at)jpnmsurveys.com